Water, Water, Everywhere!


Marion Medical Mission has always had a special place in our hearts at First Presbyterian Church. We have heard of hospitals and schools, churches and wells. We have built relationships with congregations, with villages, with pastors, with parents, and with families. We have helped roof and floor the building of the Chizimya congregation, and now we are gathering to help provide more sturdy walls for the Chizimya congregation.

As Marion Medical Mission works in Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia to provide safe, clean, protected wells, we offer these water inspired items for purchase in our silent auction. We invite you to bid via e-mail or in person at the church. You may send bids to waterauction@marionpresbyterian.org Please include your name, your bid amount, and the number of the item you are bidding on. Please bid in whole dollar amounts. You may click on any of the images below for a larger version. The last day for bidding is August 16th, 2014.

Items for Auction

Item #1 – Day tour of the Cache River Wetlands, an ecosystem of global importance – guided canoe, hiking, and/or driving tour for up to six people.

Southern is home to one of the most diverse, rich wetlands in the World.  The Cache River Wetland system has been designated a ‘Wetland of Global Importance’ and here is your chance to experience it first hand with a biologist as your guide.  The guide will work with the winning bidder to set a date that works for everyone and to customize the day’s agenda.  Many options exists for the day; the winning bidder can choose a mix of activities including canoeing bottom land swamp and seeing 1,000+ year old Cypress trees, hiking to a boardwalk over the swamp at Heron Pond, driving through the beautiful Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge and visiting the Wetlands Educational Center, all while being accompanied by a biologist as your guide.  On this trip you will learn about the history of the Cache River Wetlands and the plants and animals that call the Cache River home.  This is truly a unique opportunity.  The customized day trip can accommodate up to six people.

Starting bid – $120.   Current Bid $____. 


Item # 2 – Ghost Dance Canyon – Matched set of two 8×10 black and white photos, matted and framed

<IMG_5348 This matched pair of hauntingly-stark black and white photos highlights the beauty of moving water as it cascades through Ghost Dance Canyon. Located in Dixon Springs State Park in Pope County, this canyon is one of the largest cascading waterfalls in southern . Both photos come matted and framed. Photographer – Chris Evans.Starting bid – $20. Current Bid $100.

Item #3 – Cedar Bluff Waterfall in early spring – 8×10 photo, matted and framed

IMG_5343 This photo captures one of the hidden gems of southern . Borks Falls, located at Cedar Bluff Land and Water Reserve in Johnson County, is a twin waterfall, dropping over a huge shelter bluff into a beautiful pool. Photo comes matted and in a wooden frame. Photographer – Chris Evans.Starting bid – $15.    Current Bid $75

Item #4 – Water over Rocks at Rocky Bluff Falls – 12×16 photo, matted and framed

IMG_5353 Water is a powerful force in nature. Not only does it sustain life, but it carves, shapes, and molds the land. This phenomenon is demonstrated in this photo of Rocky Bluff Falls. A heavy spring rain pours over the falls and through the series of rocks and boulders that make up the stream bed. Rocky Bluff Falls lies within the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge right here in Williamson County. Photo comes matted and framed. Photographer – Chris Evans.Starting bid – $30.  Current Bid – $100

Item #5 – Calm after the Storm at Rocky Bluff Falls – 16×20 photo, matted

IMG_5354 Photographers love to capture images right after a storm. The air is clean and the colors are vivid, as displayed in this beautiful image of Rocky Bluff Falls, taken right here in Williamson County on the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. Not only did the spring rains clean the air and help awaken the bright greens of the mosses, ferns, and other plants here at Rocky Bluff Falls, it also swelled the creek with water to create this beautiful waterfall. Photo comes matted. Finished size is 18×24. Photographer – Chris Evans.Starting bid – $40.  Current bid – $100

Item #6 – Lighthouse Wall Hanging

IMG_5344 A wall hanging embroidered in grays and blues of a lighthouse with two sailboats in the water at the foot of the lighthouse. Finished design is bordered and quilted to final dimension of 17” across and 18” tall. Rings clipped to the top allow the finished piece to be hung using a curtain rod with brackets. By Jan Collins.Starting Bid – $20.  Current Bid – $60

Item #7 – Cathedral Canyon

Cathedral Canyon This little riffle is located within Cathedral Canyon, in Madison County, Missouri, near Fredricktown. Situated between Black Mountain and Trackler Mountain, the Upper Rock Creek flows through rhyolyte volcanic stone, which makes up all of the St. Francois Mountains in southeast Missouri. Unique to the Midwest, these mountains are nearly 1.5 billion years old, much older than the surrounding countryside, with distinct flora and geology. Photographer – Ron Campbell.Starting Bid – $  Current Bid – $30

Item #8 – Malawian Children – 8×10 photo

Malawian Children These are children who are waiting to see the new protected, shallow well come to their village. It is a day of excitement and joy, but the children often aren’t quite sure what to do with the visitors and all the excitement. These children were hanging back and watching to see what would happen. Photographer – Wade HalvaStarting Bid – $     Current Bid – $10

Item#9 – Well Water – 8×10 photo

Well Water This is what everyone is waiting to see during building season. The well is installed, and dedicated, and a woman steps forward to pump the first clean, clear pails of water. The water spills out in front of the children who wait to drink. Photographer – Wade HalvaStarting Bid – $      Current Bid – $20.

Item #10 – Pewter Cross from Mexico (Approximately 8” height)

Pewter Cross This is an 8” pewter cross, made in Mexico. It can hang from the wall, or sit on a stand.Starting Bid – $      Current Bid – $30

Item #11 – Castor River

 Castor River Located at Amidon State Conservation Area near Fredricktown, Mo. These shutins are on the headwaters of the Castor River. This stone is ryolite, very hard and dense, and is among some of the oldest outcrops in central North America. This is only 1/4 mile from the parking lot, and continues on for nearly 1/2 mile before broadening out to a slow moving stream. Photographer – Ron Campbell
Starting Bid – $        Current Bid – $20

 Item #12 – Kincaid Spillway – 8×10 Matted and Framed

IMG_5351 An 8×10 matted and framed photograph of the Kincaid Spillway. Photo by Jack Holderfield.
Starting bid – $15 Current Bid – $55

Item #13 – Pond Boat

Pond Boat A model boat and stand. Approximately 3 feet in length by 4 feet high.
Current Bid – $200

Item #14 – Acrylic Painting of the Shawnee National Forest

Acrylic Picture of Shawnee This acrylic painting was completed on location in the Shawnee National Forest by an art major at Southeastern College in 2004. Donated by Julia Pfeiffer Scherrer.
Current Bid – $100

Item #15 – Seat of the Soul #8 – Painted Chair

15 Seat of the Soul The latest painted chair by Cindy Burroughs features a plan and flower motif. With a light apple green base, leaf green vines spiral up the legs and back. The vines have flowering blossoms, and the spindles are patterned with bands of color. Flower names surround the seat.
Starting Bid – $20 Current bid – $60.

Item #16 – Candy Cane Shaped Wooden Tray

16 - Candy Cane Tray Made of cherry and ash, this tray has been treated with food safe oil. It would be a hit at your Christmas party.
Starting Bid – $15 Current Bid – $25

Item #17 – Wood Desk Set

17 - Wood Desk Set Made of native black cherry, this desk set includes a business card holder and a pen and pencil holder.
Starting Bid – $5 Current Bid – $20

Item #18 – Wood Cylinder Bowl

18 - Wood Cylinder This cylinder bowl is made of maple and cherry. Perfect for storing taller items that you don’t need to hide away.
Starting bid $8. Current bid – $10.

Item #19 – Hand Turned Wood Bowl

19 Hand Turned Wood Bowl This is a hand turned walnut bowl. It is sealed with butcher block oil.
Current bid – $10.

Item #20 – Wooden Cross Necklace

20 - Wood Cross Necklace This is a necklace of wood and glass beads with hand finished wooden cross.
Starting bid – $10 Current Bid – $

For pictures of the artwork submitted by our kids, please see the gallery on Facebook ( no Facebook account required).